Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Glory of the Domino Rally

Picture the scene: the last Domino is placed down, you're one tap of an index finger away from unleashing a cascade of small rectangular soldiers across the battleground of your auntie's kitchen table when bang, Uncle Terry walks in, bangs a pork pie on the corner of the table and bang goes 35 minutes  of painstaking work.

The effort and reward of a Domino rally is one that is often overlooked in the modern life of X Boxes and Jamiroquai, however this simple pleasure is one to be savoured. I decided to have a little hunt round the internet for some interesting examples. 

Personally, my favourite rallies as a kid would involve substituting the Dominos for, say, hardback copies of Goosebumps books, tapes of football matches off the radio or videos of shoddy performances in school plays. After time and again knocking over the entire run just as I was about to start, I learnt to build in fail safes, taking Dominos out halfway through to stop it ruining the whole track if I did nudge one over by accident. 

The Domino rally, a classic art which hopefully will never die, or becoming confused with a pizza chain. 

The original 1980s advert
A impressive multicoloured adventure
World record for human dominos at 850 people
A great way to hype the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

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