Sunday, 30 September 2012

ShadowPlay's Top Five Fanzine Videos

Some argue that the internet has killed the art of the fanzine, turning many zines into, arm, blogs. However, it's also become a forum and resource to exchange bizarre and fun ideas. Here, we look at some of the best zine videos online

1. This sums up both the graft and the joy of making a zine as well as illustrating how you can rope friends in. Quite the factory. Watch out for the builder's bum on 32 seconds. 

2. Cutesy in the extreme but very fun. I love mini zines, they're quick, effective and easy to distribute. 

3. A nuts and bolts guide, this works well due to the level of details. Nice, high quality way to create.

4. Great soundtrack and I'd love to read this zine.

5. And one for mirth. The Dark Lord Peter Mandelson says Sun readers don't want a Tory fanzine. He's loving his pre-prepared "we do not want the sun setting on New Labour" line. 

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