Sunday, 10 January 2010

ShadowPlay..slowly, slowly slowly

So just a quick update as to where I'm up to with the latest ShadowPlay, I'm sure regular readers will be aware that it's been over a year since the last issue - a fact I find painful but also realistic. The problem with having a day job in which you both expend a load of energy and also, y'know, give a toss (previously unheard of for me) is that it really does test the energy levels.

Anyway, excuses over, its shaping up to be a really good issue under the particularly vague and pretentious theme of "darkness" and submissions are most welcome. Articles of 400-500wds most welcome, likewise, am ALWAYS on the look out for new artwork on account of not being able to draw and the like - do get in touch at ahead of submission. Just on a bit of a hunt for printers in London at the moment, any suggestions of cheap places welcome though I reckon there's one in Holborn that might just do the job. Cut'n'paste zines are always a struggle what with copiers usually needing to feed the page through a machine for double-sided - never too friendly towards the carefully tacked together proof it must be said. So any thoughts and ideas welcome and fingers crossed for a spring birth for the little un. Alex

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  1. Hey Alex,

    It's Joe, if you remember I did some work experience last summer for fresh produce journal? Tall, slightly awkward looking man, haha...

    I just came across this zine, and am going to follow it on my blog from now on.

    Just a question, I started an online magazine recently (I'm at university now) but I'd like to make a small zine-like paper copy. The problem is I'm not sure where to distribute it once we've made it. The site is at , we don't want to put all the articles into the paper bit, just a few. Let me know what you think re: the distribution thing, I'm sure you know more than me!