Sunday, 20 September 2009

ShadowPlay site moves on

Long time readers will be familiar with the old, ramshackle ShadowPlay website. After six years and thousands of hits it
's time to say a tearful farewell to my little blue creation and move, full time, to this blog. I would still hesitate to call myself a 'blogger', the connotations are of someone with too much time (never the case here!) on their hands, issuing rash, thoughtless opinions.That said the ease, speed and sleekness of this blog has been refreshing, proving you needn't have all the web skills in the world to make it readable. I'll be working on adding extra detail to this site so all the ShadowPlay contact details, links and stuff about the paper fanzine (which remains the priority) is included. For now, I bid farewell to the old site, it's all over now baby blue.

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